Our Work

Launched in July 2020, The Ganas Network equips students from diverse backgrounds with the critical skills to ensure they thrive in their personal and professional lives.

The fellowship acts as a launchpad and accelerator for diverse, early-career leaders who might otherwise be marginalized by the traditional education system. By unlocking the power of some of our brightest students to take on leadership roles in their communities and careers, students can actively address the greatest challenges of our time.

Meanwhile, the multi-state network of charter school alumni are empowered and activated to:


Promoting the importance of public charter schools and their critical place within the fabric of K-12 education our fellows are living evidence of success—charter schools are often the most successful at serving the unique needs of diverse populations.


Leveraging their unique stories to bring a sense of humanity to the data our fellows provide credible, powerful, and personal testimony to illustrate the impact charter schools have had on traditionally marginalized communities.


Taking a seat at the decision-making table through public actions that serve to amplify their voices when protecting an abundance of learning options our fellows ensure diverse students like themselves have access to high-quality education pathways to success.