Ganas Fellowship FAQs

We’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our fellowship programs, but if you don’t see your question answered here, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Once you’re ready, apply here!

General Fellowship Questions

What’s the difference between the Activate and Advance programs?

In a nutshell, if your career/education is centered around education, public policy, or social impact, the Advance program will give you the opportunity to really dive deep and lead in your field. Meanwhile, the Activate Fellowship is a more entry-level program meant for charter-school graduates from a plethora of fields who care about the education system, but are focused on their own careers and aspirations. For more information on each program, check out the Activate Fellowship page here, and the Advance Fellowship page here.

What if I’m not sure which program to apply for?

Go ahead and apply to whichever program sounds most interesting to you! During the interview process, we can chat to determine the program that aligns best with your skills and interests.

Are your fellowships paid?

Yes! While we hope that the stipend isn’t the only reason you apply for our fellowship, we’re committed to your success, and the stipend is one of the many ways we’re proud to invest in your future while helping us to ensure our program remains equitable. Activate Fellows will receive a $500 stipend in a lump sum upon completion of our program, and Advance Fellows will receive $5,000 split into monthly payments during the program.

What if my schedule conflicts with part of the program?

We expect you to be fully present and engaged in all program activities. Just as an employer would expect you to show up to work, if you accept a spot in one of our programs, you should plan ahead to avoid any scheduling conflicts. However, we know you have other commitments outside of the fellowship and sometimes things don’t go as planned, and as long as you communicate quickly and effectively, we can usually work with you to get you caught up on what you missed on a case-by-case basis.

Can I apply if I didn’t attend a charter school?

No. Our program is centered around amplifying the voices of charter school alumni and the unique insights they bring to conversations on the education system. However, if you reach out to us, we would be happy to refer you to other programs that might better fit your interests!

What if I don’t know if my school was a charter school?

Try using Google and type: “(Your school’s name) + charter school” to find out. If you’re still unsure, you can send us an email with the schools you attended, and we will gladly help you figure out whether they were charter schools or not.

I had a negative charter school experience; should I still apply?

Yes! We recognize that no school is perfect, and just because a school is a charter school doesn’t mean it’s a good school. In fact, we encourage you to apply! Those negative experiences yield important wisdom that can help ensure we don’t continue repeating mistakes from the past to better serve all students. During the fellowship, we will spend time dissecting those experiences to make connections between your individual experiences and the systems and policies that played a role in your experience to identify levers for change.

I didn’t go to college/I’m taking a gap year; can I still apply?

Yes! There are many ways to succeed, and not all of them include college. We would love to be a stepping stone on your pathway to success, whatever way that takes you. Additionally, we firmly believe that a better education system won’t be possible without a diversity of voices from people of all backgrounds.

What does “early-career” mean?

We use “early-career” as a catch-all for anyone at the beginning of their career: high school graduates, college students, or even professionals in the first three years of their career. Whether you’re still defining a vision for your career, searching for your first job, taking the first steps to grow in your career, or even looking to change careers, we want to work with you!

Can I apply if I’m undocumented?

Yes, and you qualify to receive the stipend just as all the other fellows. We love and value the undocumented fellows who have come through our program, and we would be honored to include you in the Ganas family.

How do I apply for the Ganas Fellowship?

Check out our application guide here, and apply here!

What’s the deadline to apply?

We accept applications on a rolling basis. However, we like to finalize our cohort two weeks before our virtual program begins and a month before our in-person program begins to give us enough time to plan. However, if you are applying a little late, reach out, and we may be able to work with you!

What if my resume needs work?

Send us what you’ve got! We’re not looking for perfect resumes, but it’s a chance for you to test your resume in a low-stakes environment. We can work with you during the fellowship to take what you have from a standard resume to a MASTER resume!

Do I need recommendations or references?

We ask that you submit two professional references with your application. Our primary goal is to encourage you to think about your professional relationships. If you struggle to identify two references, it’s an opportunity to start thinking about developing some professional relationships. You’ll love our workshop on networking!

What happens after the fellowship is over?

We say “see you later” but never “goodbye!” Once you’ve completed the program, you’re part of the Ganas family for life. We hope you’ll stay engaged and connected, and we love witnessing all your accomplishments! We’re building a powerful alumni group where we continue to share resources, opportunities, and social events after the fellowship is over.

Activate Fellowship Questions

When and where will the fellowship take place?

We hold both in-person and virtual programs. Check the Activate Fellowship page here to get more information on upcoming dates and locations. If you don’t see a program at a time and place that works for you, we encourage you to apply anyways and we will hold a spot for you in a future program.

How much time should I expect to commit to the fellowship?

You should expect to commit between 30-40 hours to our program. 20-24 of those hours will be allocated to synchronous group sessions, while the remaining 10+ hours will be asynchronous so that you can complete it on our own schedule over the course of 2-3 months.

What will we do during the fellowship?

You can find some information on the Activate Fellowship page here. We iterate each time we run a program based on feedback from previous cohorts as well as input from incoming fellows, but you can find a sample agenda that we used for our 5th cohort here.

Advance Fellowship Questions

Can I apply to the Advance Fellowship if I’ve already completed the Activate Fellowship?

Yes – we would be excited to continue working with you on a deeper level! During the application process, we can discuss how your experience might look differently from someone who is new to The Ganas Network.

When and where will the fellowship take place?

Some of the program will be in-person, while other parts like the weekly check ins will be virtual. Check the Advance Fellowship page here to get more information on upcoming dates and locations. If you don’t see a program at a time and place that works for you, we encourage you to apply anyways and we will hold a spot for you in a future program.

Do I have to live in the area where the program is taking place?

Please reach out to us to discuss your situation. We may be able to work with you if you’re able to join us in person for key parts of the program as long as you don’t mind working virtually for the rest of your time.

How much time should I expect to commit to the fellowship?

You should expect to commit around 300 hours total to the Advance program. Spread across 6 months, that means you might spend about an average of 10-15 hours a week working on the fellowship.

Where will I complete my internship, and how are we placed?

We work with local partners leading initiatives in the education space to identify internship opportunities for Ganas fellows. Then, we’ll assist you to apply to the positions that most align with your skills and interests. Ultimately, just like in the real world, it’s up to our partners to select the fellow(s) they want to work with.

What kind of initiative will I lead in a team with the other fellows?

During the fellowship you will form a team with other fellows around a central initiative of your choosing. Sometimes, our partners will propose initiatives for our fellows to address, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide what problem you want to tackle!

Can I get college credit for participating?

Check with your university’s academic advisor – it’s likely that you can get credit for your internship!