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Our Why


The Ganas Network strives to equip diverse, early-career professionals with the skills and community to thrive while amplifying their voices to lead change towards a more equitable education system.


We envision a future in which we are liberated from systemic injustices so that success may be self-determined.

The Values That Drive Our Purpose

During our 6th cohort, we asked our fellows to establish the values that would steer our work now and in the future. After feedback from our alumni, board, and partners, these are the values that guide our work:

| Care |

We commit to seeking an abundance of knowledge and understanding of our community’s values, needs & struggles, with equitable representation to promote solidarity.

Schools are most successful when they’re driven by curiosity to establish constant feedback loops, learning, accountability, and iteration amongst their community. Meanwhile, true school choice requires meaningful dialogue between stakeholders and access to comprehensive information about the opportunities available to our young leaders.

| Power |

We seize our collective power to drive systemic change within our communities and advance the future of learning so that those around us may access their power to be the architects of their own narratives and amplify their voices and stories in leadership positions.

Charter schools democratize the education system by creating space for diverse voices to lead and decentralizing power to the local communities they serve.

| Empathy |

We lead with humility and respect to relentlessly seek understanding, dignify our unique experiences, celebrate our differences, and build a sense of shared humanity in our community.

The best education systems and policies are those rooted in a deep sense of empathy for all stakeholders and centered on those most directly impacted; the students. When seemingly conflicting policies arise, we seek to understand the values driving such policies and look for answers that cross boundaries rather than divide.

| Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion |

We need diverse leaders to address the challenges facing our diverse communities to ensure all people have the opportunity to self-advocate and thrive. We prioritize fair and contextually appropriate access to opportunities while embracing diversity and leading inclusively.

Before we can build diverse and equitable communities, we MUST ensure all of our students have equitable pathways to success. Historically, the education system has failed to serve the needs of marginalized populations, or worse, it has been used as a tool of oppression. Charter schools offer a piece of the solution to the challenges that have long plagued our communities.

| Community |

We foster togetherness in relation to our mission while working diligently to protect and cultivate a space where all students have access to quality education. For change and development to occur in accordance with the community, the community must be recognized, honored, and steadfastly protected.

Charter schools offer the unique capacity to be rooted, responsive, and accountable to the diverse interests and needs of the communities they serve. We believe the best charter schools implement structures to engage their community in all aspects of their work.