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Apply to The Ganas Network Fellowship!

We accept applications on a rolling basis, but currently we’re recruiting 20-30 fellows to join our fifth Denver-based cohort in October!

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About The Fellowship

The Ganas Network Fellowship acts as a launchpad and accelerator for diverse, early-career professionals who attended a public charter school by offering them the opportunity to participate in a program aimed at building their career skills, growing their networks, and leading change in policy affecting access to high-quality education. As a Ganas Network Fellow, you will cement your professional path while paving the way for the next generation of students to find success, as you did, in a public charter school.

What to expect as a Fellow

As a Ganas Network Fellow, you should expect to:

  • Develop the critical skills to achieve your goals and assume leadership positions in your community
  • Build a strategic career plan whether you’re at the beginning of your career, looking to grow in your current industry, or exploring the possibility of pivoting to another career path
  • Learn about the political context, public policies, and community actions that influence the existence of public charter schools
  • Network with and receive mentorship from business, political, and community leaders
  • Gain access to the robust Ganas Network community of other young professionals
  • Add acceptance and participation in The Ganas Network Fellowship to your resume

All fellows will also receive a certificate and a $1,000 stipend upon completion of the fellowship.

Eligibility and what we expect from our Fellows

To apply for the fellowship, applicants must have attended a public charter school for any part of their K-12 education. We’re particularly interested in young leaders at the beginning of their careers who are passionate about joining the conversation on education to share their unique insights and drive change!

Once accepted, to complete the fellowship, we expect fellows to:

  • Actively engage in all Ganas Network workshops, sessions, and projects requiring 25 to 50 hours of your time over three months
  • Develop, document, and share your success story to communicate the benefits of public charter schools
  • Show up to sessions and submit all deliverables (feedback forms, projects, biography, etc.) on time

Application Guidelines

Required Materials

To apply for the fellowship, you will need to fill out this form with the following:

  • General information (name, contact, etc.)
  • Two (2) professional references
  • Resume
  • Cover letter (Optional but recommended)

Application Process

Applications for the Ganas Network Fellowship will be accepted on a rolling basis. After your application has been reviewed, you may be contacted via email to schedule an interview. Once you have been selected as a Fellow, you will receive an invitation to join the next cohort of fellows.

Application Resources

If you’re unsure what to include on your resume or how to write a cover letter, that’s okay! We can help with that during the fellowship. In the meantime, many of your colleges & universities will have a career resources department that can offer individualized coaching to write your resume or cover letter (even if you’ve already graduated). Your tuition paid for it, so we highly recommend using this resource!

Additionally, you can find a checklist to revise your resume here, and tips for writing a cover letter here.

What to expect after the Fellowship

At The Ganas Network, we say “see you later” but never “goodbye.” Upon successful completion of the fellowship, fellows will join our alumni network.

As valuable members of The Ganas Network family, we will continue to act as a resource by sharing new opportunities, promoting you in our network, and doing anything we can to further your personal and professional goals.

The Ganas Network fellows will also lead the way for those that come behind them by mentoring other fellows, having the opportunity to advocate for public charter schools, and participating in other public actions to further the discussion on education policy.

We ask that all alumni participate in at least one public action (e.g., secure positions on public charter boards, publish strategically placed op-eds on the importance of charter schools, testify at public policy hearings at the district, city, state, and/or federal levels, meet with decision-makers on education policy, etc.) in the year following completion of the fellowship. The Ganas Network will help to curate these opportunities and recognize that they also serve as an opportunity for fellows to build their professional brand and assert themselves as leaders in their communities.

Click here to access the Ganas Network Application Form