Ali Habibie

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I aim to provide financial literacy for my community in Colorado in order to create more wealth for families who are in the working class. I am currently a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with degrees in Finance and Real Estate. Currently, I am playing soccer overseas in Turkey, and wish to accomplish my dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.

Most of the values I have today come from my family. Being part of a large demographic of immigrants in the USA, I hold a lot of my native home values of respect and hard work very close to my heart. I am very proud to say that these values are what got me through college as a first-generation student.

However, I would say these values became more apparent to me at DSST Green Valley Ranch. Respect and hard work are core values at this school and being reminded of them every day at school made me realize that these values were in my blood. Being a student at DSST also made me realize that the education system is very unfair. The education I received at DSST compared to the education my friends received at other schools is night and day different. I wish that one day this educational gap can be reduced so that everyone is able to receive a good education and better prepare for college.