Aliesana Sandoval

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I utilize unconventional methods of healing to help people heal their minds, body, and souls. These methods of healing are manifested in multiple ways such as faith, farming, and soap making.

I’m a Coloradan born and raised. I’d like to note that I’m also a natural-born rebel. I love to go against the norm and be who I authentically am, unapologetically. This rebellious nature was the foundation for developing my journey to overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.

I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 18 and knew from day one that my healing journey would be out of the ordinary. I refused conventional medicine. I embraced the road less traveled: a holistic healing journey.

Every day I work to heal myself, so I can heal others in return.

Healing is not my only passion, however. I’ve been blessed with an innate gift to write. When I do write, I pour my whole heart into my writing no matter the topic. I desire to connect the reader with the written content on the most unexpected levels.

While I can list all my passions, I’d much rather leave you with this:

Someone out there needs your gifts, whether they’re born out of tragedy or innate, so don’t give up because someone’s waiting for your gift.