Ariel Rivera

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As a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, I have worked on various team projects and am starting my first engineering internship next month.

I have the potential to grow into a leader not only in my family but in my community by mentoring my peers, overcoming challenges, and attaining opportunities to help them grow in many ways.

After my Bachelor’s, I would like to continue my education and be in a position in my life and career where I can teach others through the work I am involved in and inspire them to grow into better learners.

I value dedication and passion above all else and want to help others realize those strengths within themselves. I graduated with Honors from a competitive STEM program and have attained an internship with an engineering firm.

I graduated from Yes Prep Southeast high school and the school contributed to my success by exposing me to many college processes and opportunities to help me make an educated decision about pursuing further education. Additionally, the school had some passionate teachers who believed in me and helped me grow my confidence, and shared opportunities to deepen my learning and develop my skills.