Cameron Casados

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I’m a social entrepreneur trying to impact the world through innovative techniques, with my knowledge and experience of six years to create perpetual systems change. For change to exist, I frequently listen, learn and construct measurable results for a better outcome.

The overarching goal is to learn to live up to my fullest potential. In obtaining knowledge, valuing the connections I make along the way keeps me open-minded to appreciate the importance of a shifting society. I believe that everyone has a voice to express their true feelings while also being accepted for who they are within the community.

Even though I thought continuing my academic career was impossible, I wouldn’t be as grateful for what I’ve experienced throughout my journey without those challenges. I have to thank the DSST Public Schools for instilling critical thinking skills to expand my knowledge throughout my career journey.

I’m an open person willing to connect. Never be hesitant to connect with my LinkedIn; you’re just increasing your network, which is always a positive. The more you know, the more we can experience together.