Carla Cobos-Hernandez

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I am currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder earning my bachelor’s degree in Integrative Physiology with a business minor and public health certificate. I am also working in research as an undergraduate research intern through the university and in the neurology department at the Children’s Hospital. I am passionate about research and hope to become a clinical research coordinator at the Children’s hospital. I believe research is a vital component to modernize medicine and save lives.

I have been interning at the Children’s Hospital for a little over a year. I was actually the first intern to ever come back for a second year, and have been offered a position once I graduate. Another aspect I am passionate about is health equity, and hope that when I am a research coordinator I can give the opportunity to minority communities to be able to participate in these life-changing studies.

I graduated from DSST: GVR in 2018 and DSST, and being part of such a diverse community helped drive my interest in equity. Being a part of this diverse community helped me realize the importance of equal opportunity. I was also able to build my interpersonal skills as I worked with my peers, professor, and colleagues, and learned the value of quality education.