Cesar Loya

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Cesar Loya is a Mexican American student completing his studies in Civil Engineering at Colorado State University and hopes to be the first college graduate in his family in Spring 2022. As a Civil Engineer, Cesar Loya is a hardworking individual who will help contribute to creating a better future by reducing our carbon footprint by creating economic infrastructure that will last and use less nonrenewable resources.

During college, Cesar learned that being the first in his family to go to college as a Civil Engineer is a huge milestone for his Hispanic community, but being able to graduate and contribute to fixing future world problems is so much more of a milestone and is a goal that he must reach.

Cesar graduated from DSST Public Schools: Green Valley Ranch, and as a DSST alum Cesar wants to be able to reach his dreams and impact others within his community to follow their dreams and reach their goals. Cesar understands the importance of being a leader and wants to continue leading by never giving up and continuing to finish strong. Being able to show so many accomplishments within his life, Cesar knows that this is something only made with hard work and grit, values Cesar holds close to his heart.