Cherrene Framo

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My name is Cherrene Framo and I am currently studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Houston. I hope to one day gain an opportunity for a hands-on internship to develop my skills in AutoCAD, communication, Excel, and Microsoft Office. 

I graduated high school at Harmony School of Innovation, where I learned most of my potential in engineering and business. I’m particularly proud to have placed 3rd at the HCC Pitch Competition. With that, I also maintained honor roll and graduated Sumacumalude while participating in sports and holding two officer positions. The character I built from this charter school helped shape me into the passionate person I am today. 

During my free time, I like to practice my volleyball skills and go to the gym to take care of myself. I am a big advocate for people taking care of their bodies and their minds. Although I may not have much knowledge about mental health, I understand ways to help other people love themselves and everyone around them.

My goal is to keep learning. I know that as long as I live on this earth, I will always be curious about my surroundings and beyond. With my knowledge in Industrial Engineering, I will learn more about how the world works, along with how to make it better in a faster way, making it sustainable and livable for as long as humans live here.