Darlen Castro

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Hustle and earn, be rare and not average is a quote I have lived my life by ever since I was a little girl running around selling candy to Los Toritos’ customers. This mentality has made me wonder about the business world and how one can go from selling candy to managing large companies.

That’s why today, I find myself as a third year pursuing a degree in business information and analytics with a minor in accounting at the University of Denver. I dream of using my acquired knowledge to develop my passion for helping others and hope to provide my intelligence to small businesses struggling to succeed.

Being a graduate of DSST Public Schools: Green Valley Ranch, I was provided the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. This charter school focused on not only my academic successes but also my professional growth. They instilled in me the mentality of a professional adult long before moving on to the next chapter of my life. These came in the form of curiosity, honesty, hard work, and devotion to my personal passions.

From my personal experience working late nights restocking shelves or making coffee for customers, I have been able to apply what DSST has taught me to continue working hard to pay for my own college tuition and succeed in leading projects. Professionally, I have been able to excel in building and maintaining professional connections that have allowed me to create positive environments while in and out of the workplace.

For this reason, as someone who one day wants to be a hero for young women, I believe that schools should aim to prepare students not just in academics but to be professional, outstanding young adults once graduating.