Délice Dembe

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As a writer with several pieces published in two literary magazines, I use my platform to speak about my experience as a minority and the story of those in my community.

I am a middle school English teacher, hoping to inspire and create a love of literature in every single child I interact with.

I want to become a lawyer someday, so I may dedicate more time to the immigrants around me who make up a big part of the Houston community that I am a part of.

I would not have gotten where I am today without the dedicated individuals around me, that includes my family, the teachers, and professors I encountered in my educational journey, and the many friends I made along the journey.

Thanks to YES Prep Gulfton, a charter school in Houston, I could attend Austin College and graduate with Honors in English. The major I decided on was due to the many passionate English teachers I met throughout my time at YES.