Elvis Chukwu

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Hi, I’m an aspiring Cybersecurity professional with a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Texas Southern University who is also a cable technician. Despite all this, music is my passion. Music has always played a major part in my life for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always had a burning desire for it but never knew how to express it. That was until COVID hit, and I felt trapped, stuck, and stagnant in the studown. However, that all changed the first time I stepped into a studio. Just like anything that you are a beginner in, you suck, and boy did I suck, but I learned quickly from mentors and other local artists. I accomplished so much in such a short time due to the many years of experience and help I had from my mentors.

Wanting to recreate this feeling a few friends and I started a collective where we would promote and teach the younger generation about music. It is not just teaching them how to record vocals on Logic and other recording software but also about the music business, mixing and mastering processes, distribution and promotion, and so forth, allowing them to dictate their future instead of following the traditional path.

I graduated from Harmony Science Academy Houston High located in 2018. The discipline and morals instilled in me from attending a charter school have made it easier for me to connect with people compared to my peers. The skills taught made it easy for me to navigate the first couple of years of college, and even show up in my day-to-day activities such as being able to properly express my creativity, due to being provided a safe environment to do so in a charter school.

In May of 2023 I graduated from TSU and that summer I became a cable technician. As a cable technician, I’ve worked in many subsets of the field such as a Fire Alarm Technician, Audio and Visual Technician for the Houston Symphony. Currently, I’m working for a company building luxury apartments across the medical center in Katy.