Feven Sagai

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I value respect, courage, and spontaneity. If there is one thing I could leave with everyone I meet, it would be: Don’t live life in fear of “if I don’t do this, then I can’t do that later,” live life with the excitement that “if I do this now then I can think of this forever, I can share stories and inspire others, I can LIVE while life is at my doorstep.”

I’ve lived these values in my own life by making the decision to leave the traditional pathway to pursue a career where I felt I might thrive. Since then, I’ve earned a certificate as a medical assistant through the pandemic. I’ve seized opportunities to travel and live abroad long-term, risen to a management position at Starbucks, and now I’m pursuing a career in aviation. Is this my final form? NO — I’m dedicated to living the hell out of life and seeking constant growth.