Ivan Tochimani-Hernandez

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Ivan is a current undergraduate at Dartmouth College. His current studies center on Environmental Earth Sciences and Geography with a focus on agricultural systems in the Polar regions. He is interested in the intersectionalities stemming from agriculture, climate, and global health. These interests have pushed him to engage in research and extra-curricular activities concerning the environment and ecological dynamics. Ivan has participated in research through the Biology and Environmental Science departments at his University, studying the ecology of New Hampshire through visual algorithms and field research.

Ivan graduated from DSST: Montview High school (and attended DSST: Cole High school for a year) in 2020 receiving a QuestBridge scholarship to Dartmouth College, which allowed him to attend the institution on a full-ride scholarship! He was able to receive the award because of the help and guidance he received during his high school career. His teacher’s attention to detail and passion for subjects outside of academia encouraged Ivan to explore academia outside of the high school building, leading him to be a recipient of the Joint Antarctic School Expedition Grant (given by the NSF and Dartmouth College) during his junior year of high school.

Interested in using Geographic Information Systems in the future to map out Polar region landscape changes and adaptations, Ivan will continue to seek out new and exciting opportunities that push him past his boundaries!