Jaleel Moon

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Hello, my name is Jaleel Moon. I am a student at the University of Colorado and will graduate with a journalism degree in May 2023. I plan to use my journalism degree to cover sports and, one day, work for ESPN. I value hard work and honesty in my field, and I hope that I will continue learning every day, even after I am done with college.

The charter school that I attended was DSST: GVR. The most important impact that my high school had on me was almost forcing me to go to college. I always wanted to make it out and go to a 4-year university, but with where I came from, the odds were definitely stacked against me. DSST was there to not only prepare me for college in an academic sense, but they were also there to answer any questions I had about college and instill the confidence to pursue my dreams. Something I couldn’t get at home.