Jorge Benitez

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My name is Jorge Benitez; I am a Houston, TX native and a first-generation college graduate. The charter school that I graduated from is Harmony Science Academy-Houston High, and my educational experience there paved the way to where I am now. HSA-Houston High had several factors that contributed to my success, and they include; appropriate student-to-teacher ratio, home visits, positive teacher engagement, and college readiness programs. Furthermore, the diversity and study abroad opportunities in the school piqued my interest, which in turn helped develop my personal and professional journey.

In 2016, I earned my BA in Political Science at the University of Houston. Currently, I am a regional supervisor for the federal program: Home Study & Post-Release Services at Endeavors. In this role, I can influence and positively impact the reunification process of unaccompanied children with their vetted sponsors. Under the purview of U.S. Health and Human Services and the Office of Refugee & Resettlement, my team is able to provide comprehensive services with the goal of effectively addressing the clients’ needs during their transition into the United States.

There is always room for learning and growth, and I am in pursuit of enrolling in an International Relations Master’s degree program. I aspire to continue making a difference and impact for positive change in any capacity in both the Non-Profit and Public sectors.