Kumail Hasan

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Kumail Hasan is an experienced project manager in the corporate and philanthropic sectors. Kumail is informed by his community experiences and education, where he holds an MA in International Relations from American University and a BA in Government from The University of Texas at Austin, where the motto “What Starts Here, Changes the World” has informed him.

He is often sought out for his problem-solving leadership, seeking to address unmet needs within his community or at his company. Kumail has founded multiple humanitarian organizations, including in the refugee sector, and employee resource groups to further diversity initiatives in Austin, Texas and beyond.

His advocacy work includes community engagement with elected officials, supporting and serving on non-profit boards geared towards providing resettlement assistance to refugees, and supporting empowerment programming for refugee and immigrant communities.
His award-winning work is focused on building and bridging meaningful connections that mobilize community support for causes from local to global.