Kyia Grays

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Being an advocate with years of experience I pride myself on helping those in need and making a difference within my community. I graduated from DSST Public Schools: Green Valley Ranch in 2020 in hopes of eventually giving back and educating my community.

My charter school had such a positive impact on my life and helped create the woman I am today. After attending the illustrious Claflin University for my undergrad, I was adamant about helping and educating children. My nurturing charisma drives me to support children and families who are underappreciated.

I strive to cultivate meaningful relationships with those that I work with in order to facilitate collaborations on similar projects. I’ve worked with pillars in the political community like Senators Schumer and Coleman, helping families and children who are impacted by political decisions. Building and having connections with high authority figures in education is just one of the steps for me to help improve the education system.