Laura Gonzalez

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As a leader for the people, I’m driven by a simple belief: everyone deserves a life filled with intellectual and financial wellness. It’s a principle that’s deeply personal to me. Despite facing many barriers, including opposition from my own family, I took the leap into higher education to carve out a path that would not only benefit myself but also open doors for others. I was a recipient of the Rice Investment Grant and a QuestBridge Scholar, which allowed me to graduate with my bachelor’s from Rice University.

Now, as an academic advisor specializing in guiding aspiring accountants, I’m passionate about ensuring that each person I work with has the tools and support to chase their dreams. Whether offering advice on coursework or sharing insights on career paths, I strive to be a trusted ally on their journey.

As a board member for Harmony Public Schools, I’m committed to creating an educational environment where every student can thrive intellectually and financially. Because to me, leadership means lifting others up and championing their right to a brighter future.