Luis Salas Segovia

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I graduated from DSST Public Schools in 2015. After high school, I decided to go to CU Denver so that I can extend my education. It was a struggle to find out what I wanted to study, but in the end I graduated in the Spring of 2019 with a double major in Marketing and Sports Management.

Soccer and lifting are my two main passions in life and that has led me to pursue a degree in Sports management. I wanted to know the business side behind both of my passions. As time went by, my passion has persuaded me to dream of owning my own gym. Marketing is one of the key things to know if a person wants to have a successful business, which is why it was crucial for me to pick it up while learning sports management.

Unfortunately, once I graduated from college I graduated in the midst of the pandemic and the uncertainties that came with it. I was job hunting for months and had three different jobs until I found out about Allosource. As of right now, my current position at Allosource is the opposite of what I have graduated with. Even though it’s not exactly what I studied, there are opportunities for me to get into the business side.

As a person that has a marketing and Sports management degree that works in a not-for-profit company in the medical field, I seek the good side of all things with a positive mindset. That hard work and patience can lead to good things in all aspects of life. I hope to reach my life dream of owning my own gym business in the future with this mindset.