Marcus Howard

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Marcus Howard recently graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Sustainability and a minor in Real Estate. His goals include pursuing a career in private equity and denaturing racial wealth gaps by providing more funding opportunities for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs historically denied financing to grow their businesses.

After his freshmen year, Marcus secured an internship working for a venture capital firm as a summer analyst in Denver, Colorado. Exposure to the start-up culture sparked a love for working with new companies, venture capital, and private equity.

Towards the end of his undergraduate experience, Marcus accepted an internship with Aaron Wealth Advisors in Chicago, Illinois where he reinstalled their impact sustainability advisory board and helped the business earn recognition for its environmental, social responsibility, governance, and sustainability investments.

In his final semester in college, Marcus received an internship as a software financial operations analyst for PowerSchool, the largest education technology company in the world. Marcus is currently in a post-collegiate internship with the nation’s second-largest endowment fund – UTIMCO – in Austin, Texas.