Miranda Herrera

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Read the Boardhawk op-ed Miranda authored here: “My charter school prepared me for college; others like me might not be so lucky

Hello, I’m Miranda Herrera, I’m currently a student pursuing a degree in marketing at the University of Denver. Anticipating my graduation in 2027, I’m driven by a passion to inspire and uplift marginalized groups of women to explore the business field, and not feel discouraged from the lack of representation in the business world. Beyond school, I aim to use my education to encourage young women to break barriers and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Looking ahead, I envision spending a significant part of my post-graduation career in Mexico. Immersing myself in the culture and diverse business landscape, I hope to contribute to the local community while gaining international experience.

I recently graduated from DSST : GVR in May of 2023, where I was supported by my teachers and faculty in attaining access to programs that further helped me develop skills for communication, emotional intelligence, leadership and project management through the Medical Career Collaborative at the Anschutz Medical Campus program, the Business Leadership program at CU Boulder, and the Upstream Education program that focuses on mental health practices at high schools throughout states. Through these programs, I was able to quickly realize that minorities do not have the same access or level of resources that others might have, and going to a school like the University of Denver has further proved my point, which has sparked a lot of interest in me when it comes to the education system. As a charter school alumni, I feel a sense of responsibility to advocate for a better understanding and quality education for my community and those around me, and I hope to do more programs that voice and advocate for these education issues.