Moshtaha Babiker

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My name is Moshtaha Babiker. I am a senior at the University of Colorado Denver, majoring in psychology with a double minor in Human Development and Family Relations and Biology. I’m pursuing a path in the medical field, a cardio surgeon at most. Becoming a doctor has always stuck out to me ever since I was a kid. I am passionate about helping others and becoming a reason a life is saved. In the medical field, psychology plays a major role in my view. Psychology helped people understand how neuroscience, behavior, emotion, and motivation work.

I graduated from DSST Montview High School in the summer of 2020. My ability to effectively influence my life, satisfactorily graduate high school, and explore post-secondary possibilities has been enhanced by attending a charter school. I have internalized DSST Montivew’s key principles, and I make an effort to uphold them each day. Values like courage and integrity were the capacity to carry out necessary tasks at any expense or risk. Additionally, I’ve built my capacity to resist temptations and doubts while still acting morally. A leader possessing courage and integrity constitutes a person who will continuously act morally appropriately when necessary.