Paulina Venzor

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Paulina is a professional early in her career currently working in an office that oversees the nondiscrimination policy and sexual misconduct policy for the CU Denver | CU Anschutz campuses.

As an adaptable team member with more than three years of experience working on civil rights cases and creating preventative measures within higher education, Paulina is passionate about working with others to identify concerns and determine how to make a community more equitable, inclusive, and accessible.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a Minor in Spanish has equipped her to view how systems interact and counteract each other. During her undergraduate program, Paulina found ways to get involved in her community by working with a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization to register people to vote.

Her passion for education systems, policies, and laws started in high school by working with a nonprofit organization to address the school-to-prison pipeline. Paulina graduated from the founding class of STRIVE Prep SMART Academy. Although Paulina may not have had a ‘traditional’ high school experience, she appreciates her unique journey that has not only led her to a career path she is passionate about but has also shaped the person she is today.