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To infinity and beyond!
-Buzz LIghtyear, Toy Story

Hi! Welcome to Saveem’s Space, where we blast off into a bit of my life while recognizing there is no end in sight–but that’s a good thing!

I like to describe myself as an advocate before anything else. As a Special Education Teacher and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I spend my time and focus on catering to my students’ and clients’ needs daily! I found myself in education after I pretended to try multiple other fields catered to children because I did not want to be a teacher. I am a teacher now, and I wish I had known sooner how much I would love the opportunities I have had working with children of all ages and all different abilities. I believe school is where children belong, so I followed them here!

I graduated with my Masters of Education in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Pennsylvania State University, which gave me the fuel for my jet to take off. I followed this with receiving my alternative teacher certifications in SpED EC-12 and GenEd EC-6. I further advanced myself by also receiving my English as a Second Language (ESL) certification as I was actively teaching. My passion is Special Education, and as I build my confidence, I plan to take this passion beyond the classroom and the home, and out into the world for everyone to see and hear just how capable my students and clients are.

I was a part of the first graduating class from Harmony School of Advancement, which, even though out of my control, led my leadership journey. I was constantly given any opportunity I wanted to take to try new things and create new things. I kept myself busy, but I was excited about what I was able to accomplish. The same remains today. I keep my plate full between my jobs, but I find joy in it!

When I do find a moment to find the joy in doing nothing, you will find me taking walks out in nature and camping, binge-watching TV shows and movies, and playing with my two cats. I also love spending time with my family, especially my only brother, who is ten years younger than me (he was born to make me a leader!)

I referenced a lot of outer space in my bio to serve a reminder to myself and others that we are capable of accomplishing anything in this world and beyond. The limit does not exist.