Karina Sofia Garcia

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For me, learning has become a passion, if not about business, child development, or self-growth I always try to push myself to always learn something new. Being the first woman in my family to graduate college and being Latina has helped me use my voice and my experience to help others find a way to achieve their dreams and never doubt themselves.

I was born in Mexico, and coming to this country at the age of 9 years old and not knowing the educational system or English helped me empathize with my culture in how determined we are to seek the good in everything. After being admitted into a public school, I was transferred to Vanguard Classical School, where I spent my middle school years. This change helped me understand the importance of education.

Fast forward to when I found out I was not eligible to receive DACA, I was determined to always see the good in opportunities that were presented to me. For instance, being able to go to Metropolitan State University allowed me to receive the financial help I needed and grow as an individual. I was part of a sorority, the Urban Leadership program, and took courses in entrepreneurship.

Today, I’m a small business owner of an online family boutique. The idea of starting a business was seeded in my junior year of college after having my second child. I was in my last two years of college when I began to think about what kind of job I would have once I graduated as a mother of two.

My involvement in parenting class grew a concern that I did not want to be away from my kids and have to leave them at daycare and have a full-time job that would minimize my needs as a mother. That’s when the idea came to start my own business and be more present in my kids’ lives. I graduated from Metropolitan State University with a Marketing Degree in the Spring of 2022. I was the first in my family to graduate while raising two kids during my last years of college.

As a parent and charter school alumni, I valued the important role parents have when it comes to their kid’s needs. That is why I continue to stay involved as much as possible with my community, school, non-profits, and educational programs where my kids can participate and invite others to keep helping shape our future communities.