Stephanie Fidelis

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I’m on a mission to transform education through innovation and empathy by pouring into the system that encouraged me. I’m a passionate Math Teacher at Harmony Virtual Academy and proud alumna of The University of Tulsa and Harmony School of Innovation- Sugar Land High School.

With aspirations to merge my teaching expertise with healthcare as a future physician, I aim to empower communities with knowledge for healthier lives. My journey from a charter school to teaching has instilled in me the importance of personalized learning, smaller environments, vast opportunities, and school choice, leading me to contribute to a virtual learning environment that encourages student engagement and performance.

I advocate for integrating adaptive learning technologies to enhance education inclusivity and effectiveness. Outside the classroom, I’m intrigued by music, yoga, art, and rollerskating as well as constantly seeking connections between people and our daily learning experiences. I look forward to inspiring a future where education is not only a pathway but a journey of continuous discovery and growth.